Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Back from work.

It was a good day for me at work. A little hectic in the first half of the day but 'all is well' in the end. Even being back from the workplace, work didn't end there as there are more things to be done at home. If only I have the energy of a child. (Which seems like unlimited) Perhaps I can get more things done.

Sometimes I dream of just working from home and making loads of money - being a day trader and doing online stock trading. Just spend a few hours a day working in a home office and the rest of the day I can clean, cook and keep up with hobbies.The only downside is you don't really get to talk to people just as you would at the workplace.

For now what I can do is to maintain a standard level of tidiness but do the real cleaning in the weekend. Laundry I will try to do everyday - setting up the washing machine to wash in the evening an hour before the estimated time that I would reach home, and hang them once I'm back. Washing clothes early in the morning is not an option as next door neighbour can hear the machine if it's too early. Getting a dish washer wouldn't be a bad idea either, though I don't think that is attainable since there are no space for one in the kitchen.

Oh well, I'm hopeful that solutions will come later or I will just get used this.

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