Wednesday, June 15, 2011

From Kitty.

Perhaps I have not mentioned here before, that I named my phone Kitty. I just upload pictures and made some space on my Kitty's memory and here are a few pictures I took over the weekend using 'her'.

I was being a spectator while Bonnie and her daddy played ball. She looked funny here with her stylish sunglasses.

Watching her blow bubbles.

I was sitting down on a plain cashmere throw laid down on the grass,reading 'The Little Prince' for the 3rd or 4th time.

Looking at these pictures... I'm thinking...perhaps it would be nice to go there this weekend too.


Ayu said...

She looks tall! How tall is she exactly? :)

Sultana said...

Most people do say that she is tall. Gee... I don't really know exactly her height. But since she is more than half of me so maybe about 84-85 cms tall now. And she is only 5.

Ayu said...

Syari, she's probably around the same like me :"> Adam's 93 cm now.

Sultana said...

nah.. hehehe I know a phillipino here who is really short that I think she may be your height. Though she is still taller than Bonnie. You are about what? 140 cms?

Ayu said...

I'm Kylie Minogue's size hehe though only the height :">

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