Saturday, June 11, 2011

Peaceful moments.

Working in a kindergarten has its ups and downs too just like any other work place. The kids are cute, funny, naughty, adorable and not to mention very NOISY too. After a time their whining, arguing sounded like beebuzzin'. :D So it is quite refreshing to just stay at home alone and hear nothing else except the soft whirring of my laptop, and the occasional car passing by.

Bonnie and her daddy went to great-grandma's place. To help with the chores and entertain her a little. I stayed back because there are things that require my attention - laundry, dishes, and a little packing. I was thinking of taking out my zumba cd and do a little exercise with it too. Since I haven't been using it for a while now and I realized that I've gained weight. What?!! with all those walking and running I did??! Hmm.. guessed I must have eaten more too. :D Hello flabby arms. Even Mr. H mentioned about the chubbiness of my arms.I've no idea what I should do to get more muscles instead of fat there. LOL Should I just get those testosterone cream for women to increase muscle mass instead? :)Well, sure you can't target train to lose weight on certain areas. Hmmm... I really should remind myself to stop munching around more than I should.

Hope the weather will be good this 3 days as we are going off to Nograd for the weekend. Monday is holiday here for Pentecost. Well, Mr. Sunshine, do your best to sun some sunshine this weekend!

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