Thursday, June 09, 2011

Recollection of the day.

Our day started early as usual. Left home at about 7.45 am and reached the kindergarten at about 8.15 am. Yes, roughly half an hour to get there by car when the traffic not congested. Bonnie had a field trip today with her group. Another group also went along. They went to the Wildlife park.

Bonnie and Nonchan,her Japanese friend and currently her bestfriend at the kindergarten,were very excited to go on a field trip together. Her mom told me that nonchan told her that she would like to be partnered and hold hands with Bonnie when they go on the trip. Bonnie looks like a giant compared to her 4 year old friend doesn't she? :D

Our group didn't go as the kids are too small to appreciate or understand such a trip.  They came back at 1 pm and till then the kindergarten was quite silent. When they came back I saw that Bonnie had a wound on her nose. I learnt that while she was running she tripped and fell on her face. Ouch! Though it was more like a scratch but it looked pretty bad somewhat.

Today I was on duty to work till five and the last kid to be collected by the parent came roughly 5 - 10 minutes to 5 pm. After that, helped a colleague babysit her 4 year old daughter while she does her painting job in the classroom. 

While the girls drew and played, I chit chatted with Nasim, the lady who comes and clean everyday. She has a daughter who is around 3 years old. She would start bringing her daughter next week for a month and she asked me to keep an eye on the child every evening when she cleans. As she puts it, she wouldn't get a thing done if the daughter is around her all the time. I don't mind it at all as I will be staying a little longer anyway and also I can understand her predicament as a working mother. We even talked about how easy it would be to be single, and laugh about how humans are never 100% satisfied whatever life they have. The singles would even sign up in top dating sites to find a partner, get married and hopefully have children. While we who are married sometimes dream about how easy life is when single.Well, it was just silly talk. Of course we are happy being married and having kids. (that's the truth) There are always ups and downs but all the ups makes the downs worth going through.

Mr. H came and we went back home. We gave Nasim a lift up till Margit Hid where she had to collect her daughter from swimming lessons. Arrived home at around 6.45 pm, Bonnie and I quickly helped to water the neighbour's plants before we went indoors. Ate, washed, bathe, hang the clothes to dry, and do all the other things that needed to be done, the day has nearly come to a close. I appreciate free time more now that I have less and less of it. :D Well, it is true that we wake up only to survive the day, and go back to sleep again. :)

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