Thursday, June 16, 2011

Summer plans.

School year ends this month but we are open in July for summer camp as well and vacation in August. Well, at least until Mr.H gets his paid holiday Bonnie and I would have something to do.

In August I may go for tutoring for some days and then we'd go somewhere for a week or two. As for now we still have no idea yet where to go to for the summer break. As I've mentioned before it all depends on Mr. H's allergies. If he is fine then, we're in luck then we can go somewhere if not, we may just end up being at home and go to places around Budapest. Perhaps look out for Bonnie's prospective school for next year September. Also perhaps then, finally I would spend some time to open a new bank account for myself ( I must admit I have no bank account of my own here yet. Only used Mr. H's bank account). Still considering whether I should just get something like a gunvault safe or keep money in bank. LOL I don't like most Hungarian banks system that charge you money to keep money.

Still have a month to go, so still have time to see what comes up. :)

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Ayu said...

I never had any account there :p Zsolt opened 2, it turned out we had to pay to close them too lol. Sadly in Indonesia it's also becoming common, though not for every bank just yet. I think Singaporean banks are just the best. They don't charge anything and some offices even open during public holiday. The only thing is they give very little interest, but hey nothing's perfect :)

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