Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The weekend.

As I have mentioned in the last post, we did go to the countryside last weekend. We took one of the hamsters with us. Gergo is our favourite cause he is the non-aggressive one and nearly never bite.While were were there we let him roam around a little bit in the grass. Boy... was he one excited (or scared??) hamster. He does seem to go around a bit more faster when we put him on the grass. It is either he was thinking, 'FREEDOM!!' or 'OHMYGOD... where the heck am I?? where's my home?where's my home?'. LOL Well who can really tell what a hamster thinks.

Though we had quite a good time there, but we had to go back to Budapest after the second day because Mr.H's allergy started to become quite bad. He was lying in bed most of the time and his eyes were always watery. Well, he was suffering. I was not particularly disappointed as I felt it was better to be back home earlier as I had things to do at home, browse online for new books and office supply. Bonnie was okay with it too as she could be with her cousins and grandma for a day. And as for Gergo, maybe he was happy to be back to his 'Olympia' cage.

Mr. H is considering to go back there again this coming weekend, but I'd rather stay in Budapest and go watch Kungfu Panda 2 at the cinema. We'll see....


Ayu said...

Do they play english movies in the cinemas now, Syari? I remembered watching LOTR 3 in Hungarian and missed 70% of the story lol.

Sultana said...

Yes they do. Usually at MOM park. They already have movies in English since 2007. That was the time when we watched spiderman 3 I think. The last time we went to watch was last month = Thor 3D. It was great. :D

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