Sunday, July 24, 2011

Bed for Bonnie.

Bonnie promised us that she will be sleeping in her own room at the new place. (Though we still have our doubts) Her room window will be facing the great parliament and the Danube. Lucky her,she has the best view. But in order to make sure that she really would like to sleep in her own room,by herself, we decided to get a child bed for her. Currently she has a double bed which she would not use unless one of us would sleep with her.

So today we got a gallery bed. (If that is exactly what it is called)

We can place a chest of drawers under it or turn it into a play bed. Something like the one below.

She was excited to see it, we were excited to see her excited. :) Only thing she was not too happy was that we have to wait till end of August to get it installed.

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