Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Another year of blogging on Sultana's blog. I started blogging in 2004 but became an active blogger since July 2005 when I was staying at home waiting for my daughter to be born. I didn't intend that people would come back to read my blog everytime I update it. It was more for my own pleasure and I didn't care whether people would read it or not. I still don't.Though I would feel happy to learn that there are people who visit here. I had a lot of fun designing my own template back in the days when most things were done manually here on blogger.com.

I have been thinking about creating a domain for this blog and moving it to wordpress for quite a few times already now. Sultanasblog.com maybe? But sultana.blogspot.com means a lot to me since I've blogged on it for 6 years now. Not only that, then there is the question of webhosting that I have to choose. Though there are sites like webbhotell where I can choose the best  paid webhosting that is suitable for a blog. The last time I checked, paid webhosting has become considerably cheap. Hmm... I am split between wanting to keep things the same and wanting a change.

Well, with paid webhosting or not, with own domain or not, I still love my blog and I hope to be able to blog for many years more. 


Ayu said...

Same here, Syari. Been thinking about that lately myself. The obvious reason is that because blogsome will probably die anytime soon. They haven't done anything in years. I can't even upgrade to newer version of wordpress. Sucks. Blogger.com is soo much better. I regret closing my account there a long time ago, because at that time blogsome was considerably better. Should've thought better. I mean Blogger is owned by Google so they have enough money to keep it updated. But yeah, having our own domain would solve the problems.

Sultana said...

You have a new blogger.com blog right? Well, let's just hope that blogger will be in business for a long,long time. :D

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