Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I have started to sort out the things we have around the house. Little things, things that we won't be using, things that need to be thrown away. Good thing it  is 'rubbish day' in our area. The day when we can dump huge unwanted items.

This time I am quite determine to not be stressed out by the move. No rush, no hurry. And I've told Mr. H that I refuse to carry anything extremely heavy. Well at least that is what I hope.

Bonnie didn't go to summer camp today, so we just sent her to her grandma. Need her to be somewhere else if I want to start packing up her soft toys and her books. Looking at the amount of things we have, I'm happy that we have way more space to keep them in the other place. I am such a hoarder. Bonnie takes after me in that department.

Give and take we have less than 3 weeks to pack and clean. That's a lot of work. Not to mention about the unpacking later on. Would be nice to just be able to outsource everything.  *sigh* Since Mr. H is not on leave I'm doing the cleaning and the packing by myself at the moment. I'll leave the dismanteling and uninstalling to him for later.

Only chore I'm appreciating right now is folding the clothes. (Something that I didn't really enjoy before) Because I can chat or talk online with friends. Feeling a little jealous that I can't join them on their occasional gatherings. Would be interesting to just use a something like web conferencing software to just do a conference with all of them at once though. But perhaps some other time.

Well, enough of this rambling, better get back to work!


Ayu said...

where are you moving to this time, syari?

Sultana said...

Somewhere uphill in Rozsadomb Ayu.

Ayulittleone said...

Lucky you...that's the richest part of the city :p

Sultana said...

Didn't know that, but just found out about it through wiki not too long ago. Seems like the 'Beverly hills' of Budapest.

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