Friday, July 15, 2011


We took Bonnie for a birthday party of one of her kindergarten friends yesterday. It was in a coffee house in Rozsadomb. Although it started at 4.30 we arrived half and hour earlier because we came right after picking Bonnie up from the kindergarten. It was supposed to be only for kids, but we parents lingered around, drinking coffee and chit chatting with other parents. Most of the classmates were there.

It started with face painting. Then arts and crafts, treasure hunt,  and a few other games organized by the entertainers that they hired for the party.  About 2 hours later it was candle blowing and cake eating time.

We left at around 7 pm. I think it was a nice and fun experience for Bonnie. That's how the rich in Hungary celebrates their kids birthday parties. :D

Tomorrow would be our turn to have some fun. Going to a houseparty in the countryside. One of those monthly staff parties actually. Some of us won't be working there anymore, and an ex-colleague will be joining as well. So I'm looking forward to the chitchats, jokes, karaoke and the ps3 bundles of games to play.

So most probably will be sending Bonnie to 'party' (she said she's always having lots of fun there) at her grandma's place tonight.


Ayu said...

Nice, nice. I guess we can't avoid throwing birthday party for our kids every year, what with their friends always invite them to theirs and all. Dunno when our time would come though. Adam has been invited a few times to his friends' parties, and so far he had no idea of what's going on. He always refused goodie bags because he doesn't like receiving anything from strangers lol.

Sultana said...

Problem with Bonnie's birthday it is exactly a week before Christmas when most people has gone on holiday to somewhere for Christmas or busy with their own Christmas shopping. So far we've only had small celebration for her. Perhaps one of these days maybe. :)

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