Saturday, July 23, 2011

Time to pack up again.

We have been considering to move to a new place for sometime. But we put off the idea over and over again. However, since there are some changes with Mr. H's work, we decided that a move before September would be a good idea. He would not be able to send Bonnie to kindergarten every morning and pick her up every evening.

So we found a place a few blocks away from Bonnie's kindergarten. We would like her to go to kindergarten with comfort, no travelling on the public transportation needed. What's more we are looking at a few schools for her within the vicinity of our home. Though she is only in kindergarten still, but we need to register her for school early next year. So it is just planning ahead. Hopefully that she would be able just to walk to school too. If everything goes well, we will be moving, last week of August.

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