Saturday, July 16, 2011

Weekend house.

Summer is simply the time for Budapestians to pack up and leave for their weekend houses in the countryside. It is indeed very common to have weekend houses here. Do Malaysians have weekend houses? Perhaps a few do, but not too common to see Malaysians having another house where they go to only on the weekends.

The house in the picture above is my mother-in-law's weekend house that she has for 10-15 years now I was told. The house is small, one living room, spacy kitchen, a small bedroom downstairs and another small bedroom upstairs with a cute balcony. But the garden is huge. Well, when you are in the country, in a good weather, you spend the whole day outdoors - gardening, lying down on the grass reading or day dreaming.

We don't have a weekend house of our own but in the family there are 2 weekend houses that we can use anytime. The one that we go to usually is the one owned by an uncle. A bit far, but I like it better than the place where my mil's weekend house is located.

Perhaps one of these days we would get our own weekend house which is nearer to Budapest. But at the moment, buying one is out of the question. Unless we try one of those online car title loan since we don't have any properties to mortgage. :D Otherwise, can't afford one yet. But who knows if an opportunity presents itself. I really do prefer to stay out of the city when ever we can.


Ayu said...

Hmm, how much would such a house cost? To be honest I only knew a person who had it :p

Sultana said...

5-6 million ft maybe or more depending on location.

Quite a number of people I know here has at least a tiny one somewhere. :)

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