Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Eid Mubarak.

First of all, Happy Eid ul Fitri to all who are celebrating this special happy month. Though I know for some it is a happy sad feeling to welcome Syawal and to say goodbye to Ramadhan for another year.

I always feel a little lighter at the end of Ramadhan. :) Fasting for a month is like one of the best appetite suppressants after a while you don't crave unhealthy food. That is in my case. No chips for a very long time.

Though if I'm back home with family and friends, Eid would be the time to gain all the weight back and more. Well, looking at the bright side of things, being here when everyone else is eating and making jolly back home, at least I can keep the unwanted weight off for a little while longer. :)

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