Monday, August 22, 2011

Nearly done.

We are nearly done with the packing and sending of stuff to the new place. This is one slow move compared to the last one which we had to do within a week or so. This weekend we only sent some small light things and next weekend the movers will be here to take the rest, bulky and heavy things.

Everytime we went to the new apartment we fall more and more in love with the place. Though it is not suburb that I've always wanted, in fact even more closer to the city than we are now,  but since it is up the hill the air seems much better. The view is amazing too both day and night.

Too bad though we couldn't hang out there last Saturday evening for St. Istvan day firework show. I know it would be the perfect spot to see it. We were too tired to watch it. Next year maybe.

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Ayu said...

You could see the fireworks from home? That's very cool. Lucky you, Syari. I've never even been to your neighborhood :D

The only time I watched the fireworks was in 2004. We lived only a few hundred meters from the parliament, and the mil loved the show, so we went down to watch it. We had to stand for 4 hours and I couldn't see anything, except ppl towering around me lol. The next year we didn't go. Thank goodness, because a big storm accompanied by flood hit right through the show, and we could see ppl running for their lives from our windows. Huu....

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