Friday, August 19, 2011

Party animals.

The only thing I like about all this clearing and packing is the clutter free feeling. Well, almost clutter free at least. At least I get to see less of this. Toys on the floor and on the carpet.

Annoyed as I was I found it adorably cute and funny. Lining the animals all in a row.  Her daddy would be the one who would be playing with these figurines of her. I thought I still had it in me, but I don't have the imagination to play this sort of games with her. Seeing me playing with these would be as strange as seeing me smoking hoyo de monterrey cigars. That strange. :D So I leave this sort of imagination game to her daddy to play with her. Drawings, paintings, cutting paper, that I can do. :)


Ayu said...

So cute :D When did Bonnie start to play with other kids? Adam still doesn't. He likes playing alongside other kids, but never with them. He also hate the idea of sharing toys. Usually when his friend is holding his toy, he'd tell him, "You share!" lol

Sultana said...

No, for some time she didn't play with other kids. But she would play with her cousins though. I thought it may be that she doesn't play with kids she isn't familiar with. It took her 2 weeks to start playing with the other kids in the kindergarten when she started.

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