Sunday, September 25, 2011

Another week.

My third week at th new place starting tomorrow. Getting used to the daily routine and the kids are getting used to me too. This week is 'Red week'. I've prepared some things for them. And I made my first batch of playdoh - which is red - for the kids to play with. I hope they would like it. Well most kids do. :) My in laws came to visit us at the new place for the very first time. Bonnie was excited to show her grandma her room and the view from her bedroom window. It was cute. We chit chatted a bit while drinking coffee at the balcony and they left for home after that. They were at a birthday party earlier in the day so they didn't stay long. The weather been great the past couple of days. I supppse it is what they call "Indian summer". Nights and early mornings are still chilly though. I do hope the weather would be just as today this entire week. :)

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Ayu said...

Busy days ahead, eh? Adam will start his 4-days-playgroup too in two weeks, meaning I'll have to take him that often. Well, but at least I'll get 2-hours off :D

It's just that the time off is very expensive huuhuuuu...

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