Thursday, September 08, 2011


Today was the 'Parents teachers orientation' day at Bonnie's kindergarten. Since Mr. H couldn't go, I had to be there. Though I know that I wouldn't understand 2/3 of what being spoken, I went anyways. I met with a few parents. Some could speak English but only spoke when I asked something. One question, one answer and that was it. Then they ignored me after that. I took it that they were shy or just like me, too lazy to speak a foreign language (my mouth feels heavy when I try to speak Hungarian). I tried to understand what they were talking about, and gave my undivided attention for at least 30 minutes before I felt like I was going to faint. Headache. Ended up taking out my phone and browsed.

At the end of the orientation, I could only figure out at least 30% of what being said and discussed. Later before going back I approached the teacher. Thank God she speaks some English. So with my broken Hungarian and her broken English, I got the rest of what being said. I like Klarineni.The kindergarten is a good one so far I think. The building is a big mansion in district II with a huge park (the garden is huge enough to be called a little park I think). When Bonnie and I first saw the park, we went like.... "Wooww!!" Bonnie went berserk with excitement.
We were there twice only so far. A couple of hours everyday so Bonnie would get used to the class. Tomorrow she will spend the day at grandma's place and only be going to kindy full time next Monday. Cannot help it as I am going to work then.

All is well. :)


Ayulittleone said...

Why changing job, Syari? I thought you moved to this flat to get closer to the kindy? So Bonnie changed school too?
A few more months, and it'll be my turn to do all these.

Sultana said...

It's a long and winding story Ayu. :D But one of the reasons is that my ex-boss didn't want to give a contract. She is doing it for a few other of my colleagues. New place gives better offer, same salary but there are fringe benefits - extra courses, BKV, food all paid for.

The kindy is not really a registered one, more like otthonnapkozi. Since it is last year of kindy it is compulsory for Bonnie to go to a real one. Her kindy is nearby still. :) Way better than the last two. It has a big private park (too huge to call a garden). Only thing it is Hungarian, but we speak English at home and we meet up with her Japanese friend at least once a week. So it is okay.

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