Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Work or not work.

Since we've moved to another district, it would take me 2 hours to and fro when I go tutor. But since lessons are 3 hours so I think it is not that bad. Still worth it with the payment that they give. At least 2 hours of reading time for me.The fact that they are family friends also a reason I continue going there. I've been with the kid since he was like 7 - 8, a short little thing. Now he is nearly as tall as I. Teaching him was fun too I have to admit.

I have to prepare some teaching materials of the week for the children at the daycare. My printer ran out of both black and color ink cartridges  (my hp printer comes from a different region so I need to order the inks from Malaysia or the US) so most of the materials will have to be made by hand for now. I have to admit I'm lazy at times and I prefer printing the materials but at least I have a lot of fun preparing them manually or by hand.

They say, when you love what you are doing, work is not considered as work anymore. I think I know what it means. :)


Ayu said...

Hmm nowadays it's really not worth to buy cartridges. The last time we spent our ink, we decided to just throw the printer altogether. It would cost over $120 to buy just the inks. In the end we bought a new printer for $75 :p

Say Syari, we're going to Pulai Desaru this Friday. Do you think the sockets there are different from Singapore or not? Here we use the one with three holes looking like triangle, like in the UK. Hungary and Indonesia use the same two holes. I don't really remember in Malaysia :">

Sultana said...

I love that printer ayu, further it has a scanner as well, that's why I'm still using it. I use Mr. H's printer if it is really important. Original ink cartridges bought from the US can be cheaper than buying in stores. Even with shipment, so it is more the waiting time for delivery is the prob.

Hey nice... company trip again?? Mostly Singapore and Malaysia have a lot of similarities so yes we use 3 pin plugs back in M'sia just like in Singapore.

Ayu said...

Yep yep, it's that time of the year again. Hopefully adam will behave this time. We only bring a small suitcase for all our clothes and everything else, and another bag almost as big...just for adam's toys lol. Thanks for the info.

Oh I guess printers are still very much expensive in Hungary. We never had any there :"> Here you can buy all in one (print-copy-scan--except fax maybe) with the price I mentioned. That was like 2 yrs ago, so probably even cheaper now.

Sultana said...

No, not expensive. A copy-scan printer can be bought at 10K ft. I bought my printer some 6-7 years ago in M'sia. Cost about 20K ft.

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