Tuesday, October 11, 2011

At work

The last child has gone back. One hour early. I decided to stay back a bit, clean up and relax. Won't have a moment of peace till I go to sleep tonight.

The weather had turned cold since Friday. So it is really autumn now. Seeing less and less RayBan and sandals. Can bear the cold but could do less with the gloomy days.

Well, Tomorrow is another day.


ayu said...

Hi Syari, for sometimes I couldn't open your blog. Wanted to write you abt it but kept forgetting :p

Funny that we asians feel that way about winter. Zsolt said he missed the 4 seasons the most from Hungary. It's boring here because here it's either raining or very hot--there's nothing in between. Several other european friends said the same.

For me, it was good to see the snow for the first time, and I'd like it more except for the cold. But after a while I did feel it's kinda gloomy, just like what you said. Ppl looked more depressed, especially before christmas.Maybe because they hadn't bought all the presents, and it's certainly no fun to walk home for a few hundred meters with plastic bags in our hands.

Sultana said...

Yeah, I thought of doing some changes to the layout but in the end just didn't have the time.

Indeed when it comes to variety it is better to have four seasons. further, in each season we always find reason why another season is better. In hot summer days I would think about nice cool spring. And festive season won't feel the same without snow and thick clothes. :)

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