Sunday, October 02, 2011

A day out.

  After nearly a half a year of not meeting each other, we finally met up with one of Bonnie's best friends from her previous kindergarten. We went to Millenaris park and were quite lucky to find out that there was an event for parents and children there.

They had a band where they invite the kids to sing and dance along, games, arts and crafts set up for us to do. All for free.

We started of by watching the carp fish. For 50 forints we get a handful of fish feed to feed to the fish. So you can imagine how huge the carps are there if hundreds of people come each day and feed them.Then we checked out the show for a few minutes.

Then we decided to join the arts and crafts table. Bonnie and her friend made clay pot and plate.

While they were lining up and making the clay pots, I went to do glass bottle painting and stopped by at the sewing section and made a pouch for Bonnie.

After spending 2-3 hours there we went to the little park with the kids. The moms chat, the kids played.

I think all together we spent about four and half hours there. It was fun, interesting but it was enough for us. The weather was real good. Warm but everybody felt good. As we were waiting for the bus ride home, I was feeling beat, and Bonnie was cranky. :D Well, I can't imagine how those traffic police were able to stand and work in this sort of heat of the day, or even those Travel Guide Jobs that requires one to walk around and talk nearly the entire day - I know cause my ex Japanese sensei worked as a part-time tour guide.

At least Bonnie was happy and her friend was happy and we promised to meet up again. 

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