Monday, October 17, 2011

Yellow, orange, brown.

Every where you go, you see yellow,orange and brown. That's the theme for three weeks at the day care. The children are learning colours. Autumn colours. I like autumn. It's cold but the sun is still shining and you still can feel the heat of the sun sometimes.

Today is the first day of the week, we have 2 new children who joined us 2 weeks ago. One child is having trouble to adapt while the other is already doing fine. I was kept busy that's for sure, so much so that I really look forward to the weekend every week. And when the weekend comes, it goes by real quick. *sigh* Even the last one was spent by getting the groceries for the whole week, shop for Autumn clothes for the little one, check out the lg tvs for the in-laws - they just subscribed to internet television and they need a bigger better tv :), and also washing and cleaning. Just grateful that at least at nights before I sleep I could spend a few minutes to read a book - just finished 'Little women' (reading it for the third time I think) and already on the 71st page of the sequel, 'Good wives'. No matter how advance technology is, nothing beats the quiet and peaceful way to end the day, i.e reading a book.

Oh, by the way, check out Balint, our halloween pumpkin. My little girl helped clean and draw the eyes and the nose. I drew the mouth and cut of course. We think he is cute. Maybe we will make a girl companion for him soon too. :) Oh yeah and he is orange ... just like the theme of the week.


Well, that is it for now... as I said before, tomorrow is another day and I hope it won't be too cold. :)

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