Sunday, November 06, 2011

Been awhile

Have I been busy... Work, family, and friends. So much so that I really do look forward to weekends these days. Time for me to catch on with my sleep and do what ever I want. We usually send Bonnie to her grandmother's place on the weekend these days. Because we really need the rest. With Bonnie it is not easy to rest unless we watch tv. That is one of the weekend activities for us sometimes. Set down a foam mattress on the floor and while lying down, we watch a Disney animation together. Just like what my brother and I used to do with my mother on rainy days when I was a child.

The weather is pretty nice in general, not too cold and sometimes even a bit warm. With the colours of the leaves changing and falling like snow.... Such a romantic season.

This is the park that we go to these days. Only a few minutes walk from our place. In fact we pass it everyday on our way back home from Bonnie's kindergarten. I don't mind walking a lot here in Rozsadomb... the streets and air is a lot cleaner.

At the moment, though I'm glad Bonnie is not at home yet I really miss having her around. Parents are weird sometimes I know. :D She'll be back home this evening, since tomorrow is the beginning of another new week at the kindergarten.


Ayu said...

Heyy, spring and fall are my favorite seasons :) The weather is nice, not too cold and not too warm.

See Syari, I think your little girl looks like Suri Cruise :p I thought Suri was the most beautiful celeb kid when she was a baby, you know.

Sultana said...

Thanks Ayu. :) I never thought she looks like Suri. :D (Maybe at certain angles she does?? hmm) But to me she is a beautiful child. Which mother wouldn't think so of her own child right? hehehe

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