Saturday, November 12, 2011

Window shopping.

After clean up, we sent Bonnie to her grandma because tomorrow I won't be at home. Then we went to do a little shopping. Other than the normal grocery shopping, I needed to buy a few blocks of Fimo or polymer clay.

Other than that, I wanted to do a little window shopping to get an idea of what to buy for Bonnie's birthday and Christmas gifts (and in Hungary we need gifts for Santa claus day too) ... oh and not to forget, ideas on what would be the great birthday gifts for men - my other half's birthday is coming soon too.With the price of things going up along with the 2 % increase on VAT, choices have become somewhat limited. Good thing that Bonnie has a long list and she said she doesn't mind to get any of those that is in the list. Well, her list consists of all the toys advertised on tv that she saw, so there wouldn't be much of a problem choosing. :)

Tomorrow will do a bit more of window shopping again I suppose as I am going out to meet some friends. Window shopping with ladies is much more fun than going with your husband who kept on reminding you of how tired he is and the time... :D

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