Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Hello there.

With work, family and now holiday, I almost forgot that I had 'Sultana's blog'. :D Well, almost.

 Christmas went okay this year. No snow but wet. At least it isn't cold. We went to my mom in law's place on Christmas eve as usual. Exchanged gifts, had dinner, played games that Bonnie received for Christmas, chitchat and we went home.

Random X'mas pic: Now Bonnie and I can play congkak/maya/mancala together.

Other than the games, we bought Bonnie a radio for her room. I got a new compact camera that I can carry in my bag easily. Mr. H got a coffee maker and a 3d puzzle of the petronas towers.

After Christmas, we spent the next 3 days visiting other family members. Holidays is all about visiting. I just wish we can have more holidays. But I am thankful since there are people who are working in the week between Christmas and New year.

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