Saturday, December 03, 2011

Santa day

We were at the santa day celebration organized by Mr.H's company. The first one I went to. I am not into social events but I'm trying to be involved more and more hence my attendance to this one. :)

Bonnie was rather enthusiastic to meet with Santa that she made a drawing and a letter asking santa what she'd like for X'mas. Looking at her and the other children I just wonder for how long they would all believe in Santa, Toothfairy and easter bunnies. And I wonder whether she would turn around at us and say, " mommy, daddy, you both are liars!" for all the years we've played around pretending that these characters are as real as you and I.

Just like most events for children here, the face painter is a must. Bonnie didn't want to face paint this time - don't know why. But I convinced her to get one because it is not always you get to do it, and usually when you are a child you can. So enjoy it as much as possible. :) So she did have one... roses.

At around half past 10 the event commenced with the entrance of the "Ho kiralno" or the snow queen. She has a lovely voice.

After she chose 4 little angels from the audience, the "krampusz" or the black devil came in with a grand entrance. One or two kids cried as he came jumping and dancing around with the fire. :D I think he was the best character of all. He too chose his devil helpers among the boys.

Santa came in last and he called those who wants to talk, sing or say a verse for him. Bonnie raised her hand and gave him the drawing and letter she made. He read it and people thought it was cute. And Bonnie even quoted quite a long verse (poetry) for him there. She seemed shy, but she did it. I have to say that I am proud of her for being brave. :)

In the end they each get a present from santa. This time they only give a present (in my opinion well chosen presents) and one piece of candy. Seems like the organizers don't believe in candies as presents. I'm really okay with that. I think Bonnie eats too much candy anyway.

Next week they will have Santa day at her kindergarten again. Again I wonder whether she finds it weird that santa looks different everytime. LOL

As for me, I have to make a list of presents and things to get for Bonnie's birthday and xmas too. Need to do a bulk cd duplication of pictures and videos for family members as one of the gifts.

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