Tuesday, January 24, 2012


The good thing about working with little children is that, you can enjoy all the cuteness of a baby without much of the hassle of having one. :D

Not that I don't have Bonnie to think about at home, but since she is 6, she is more and more independent. When ever people asked me about a second child, I would go like, "what?? no way, not now. Maybe never again. Now that I feel how easy life is when the child is bigger. I don't think I need another one to spoil the blissfulness of my life at the moment." Well, maybe not never again, but definitely not in the nearest future for sure.

It is interesting how even after work you would still think of the kids. Like when I see bottles of paints for little kids in Ikea, I'd think I need to buy for the kids. Or when the words contemporary fabric  mentioned, the thought of new curtain for the sleeping room window for the children came to mind and etc. That how it is. Working with little children, it is not only about work but also loving them.

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