Saturday, January 28, 2012

Freshening up.

After having the old layout for what I felt like ages, and since I have the time at the moment, I thought of having a new look for this blog. What do you think? :) Still the simple, clean look that I like.

Bonnie isn't at home for a week. She is at grandma's place as she was not to go to kindergarten due to her illness. Yes, she was sick. Not too serious, just a slight fever and coughing. We both work so she ended up being with her grandma. I'm sure she had a jolly good time. To her it is like a vacation. For us too actually. The fact that I didn't have to go and pick her up at the kindergarten after work sure saved oodles of time for myself. Instead of being at home at 6:30 pm, I'd be home by 5. Not to mention having all the time for ourselves after work. To be truthful, after a week without Bonnie at home, I sure feel a bit more relaxed and rested after a whole week of work.

Now I can concentrate on teaching plans and rejuvenating my energy. However, I do miss her and I can't wait for her to be back home tomorrow evening.

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