Monday, January 02, 2012

Old and new.

I wanted a new compact camera that I can easily carry with me either in the pocket of my jacket or my bag, so for Christmas Mr.H got me a new pink Canon A3200 is. I chose it myself of course. :)

I chose an A series Canon powershot because of my previous experience with another camera from the same series - Canon A400. I have the A400 since 2004 and it still looks as good as new. However, I have stopped using that and have given it to either Mr. H or Bonnie to use when they feel like taking pictures.

I will still use my Lumix for events or when I need something with a better zooming ability. And I will be using my A3200 most of the time though I carry it with me everyday.

Below, some unedited pictures directly from the camera.

And here are a couple with a little editing. :)

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