Saturday, February 11, 2012


Farsang or Costume day is approaching. This year Bonnie decided that she wanted to be a cat. A yellow and white cat. But unfortunately most accessories are sold in black and I don't have the energy and patience at the moment to make. So black cat it is.

So today we spent a couple of hours going around getting the needed things. We didn't manage to get the top and the shoes. Tomorrow is another day so we may still be able to find a suitable top and as for the shoes... well, her father suggested to just use leather dye on the ballet shoes. LOL Desperate times require desperate measures. Or we were just too tired to think of a better solution.

Being parents of a child going to school is a never ending job to prepare for parties and events. Last it was Christmas - party to prepare for, activity that you have to participate with your child etc. Now Farsang. Next is Easter then it would be chocolates and eggs to paint and dye and what not. Never ending I tell ya.

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