Saturday, April 28, 2012

Long weekend

Today is the first day of the 4 days weekend here in Hungary. Did a little cleaning up in the morning, sent Bonnie to grandma and went for shopping. I'm particularly happy about the shopping today since we also stopped by a little Korean store. Bought 5 kg of Jasmine rice, a pack of 50 pieces of sushi nori (it was on discount. Yay!), half a kg of dried anchovies and a pack of instant miso soup. Only when you are away from home, any Asian food/ingredient would make you feel on cloud nine.We went to Tesco as well to buy the regular things we buy every other week there. Our fridge is well stocked and we have abundant of food so we can have enough supply to hole up indoors to relax, read, watch tv and go online. :D

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