Monday, April 16, 2012

Phone service.

I don't think I've ever posted here regarding a phone call I received from a xenophobic telemarketer who claimed to have called on behalf of my phone company. I filed a complaint and in the end the company just denied having anyone from their side calling me at the specified date and time. I knew it was a lie because they called me at least 2 times before I finally decided to listen to what the person had to say - which in the end she just commented something about my lack of Hungarian knowledge. Further, if it wasn't from them then wouldn't it be even serious that some people are calling customers using their company's name? They seemed cool about it, so it can all be a cover up.

Well I think the best thing to do is just cancel the phone service from this particular company. It is obvious they don't care to have me as a customer. Just unfortunate I can't do it immediately, but have to wait at least till this October. I'd rather try out vontage phone service or go back to using my old phone service rather than continue with current service provider. I still have faith that there are better phone companies out there that cares somewhat about their customers.

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