Monday, April 30, 2012


Bonnie will be going to school this September. Quite a few of her classmates in kindy are going to the same school. Yes, we've already decided on which school - which was not that difficult to choose as we chose of course the closest. :D But then it is also because many people have told us that the school is pretty good. They have at least 2 -3 times more applications than they could accommodate each year. So much the better for me that way,since asking me which is a good school in Budapest is just like asking me about the best flavored cigars. I simply have not much clue. Here the school prioritizes English, so many of the subjects are taught in English. However each class has a major on certain subjects. We picked Drama for Bonnie. Well, she is quite a drama queen (which little girl isn't :D) She loves acting or play pretend so we thought that it'll do good for her self esteem. That's what we hope for at least.

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