Monday, May 28, 2012

Apa cerita?

Apa Cerita? - what's news? with me here. Been busy that's all I can say. :) Really not an excuse. Though I must admit in those busy times I did have a few pockets of free time but I filled them up doing something else which I really need to do or have to do. I went to learn rollerblading with Mr.H and BZ which ended up with a painful backside. I don't think I'd be rollerblading for another 2 - 3 weeks (and without a 'butt protector :D ). I could not get up on Monday and I took a day off. But since they needed me at work so I went the next day.

 Yesterday I went on a 6-7 hours hike to csobanka with ex-colleagues. Returned home and got ready to visit family friend because there was a M'sian girl coming over to visit too. Came back home near to midnight. After last weeks, backside busting incident today I woke up with sore leg muscles. Just great... :( It's Pentecost holiday here today so I'm grateful. If not, I know I would have a hard time waking up in the morning and working whole day. Only uncool thing about Public holiday is that every shopping places is close for the day. Well, starting from yesterday in fact. So no checking out the ipod dock which I have been wanting to for ages. Not to mention that we have nearly an empty fridge.

 I do have babysitting work in the afternoon. Well, meeting up with a friend with her son and let the kids play together. BZ comes back in the evening from her grandma's so tomorrow the entire cycle of waking up go to work, pick BZ up, go to sleep starts again. :) Life ain't easy.

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