Thursday, May 17, 2012

Children Malay song.

Sadly I must admit, I know more English children songs than Malay ones. At first I don't know why it is so. Maybe because I learn more English kids songs due to my work? or because there aren't really many kid's songs in Malay?

Bonnie's teachers requested that she sings a Malay song for the year end ceremony. I was in a dilemma. LOL Because I only know one song well. Which is the " Pelangi, Pelangi" song. I heard it a long time ago on an Islamic children program back in Malaysia. A program which I watched with Bonnie rather often when she was still a baby.  Anyhow... we still have a week or so to practice. I just hope I don't have to end up being in front of a class full of kids and parents and grandparents to help her sing the song together. :P Stage fright. :D

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