Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Old stuff.

After years and years of neglect, I finally checked out my photobucket account - when I saw it on my bookmark today. It's like finding old trinkets in grandma's attic. :D Same excitement I had when I checked out a box that I hadn't opened for years to find all the things I used to use back in Malaysia. My old wallet, my jusco card,  even the contactless cards like the touch-n-go and the s'pore mrt card - a silver bracelet that I bought myself when I was a student.... I didn't even remember I had them.

 Anyhow on Photobucket, I found these animated gifs and photoshopped pictures I made back in the days when I was just a SAHM, back in the hair-tearing days when you needed to design your blog manually. Gosh I miss those days.

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