Thursday, May 17, 2012

Weird weather.

It is 8 pm and it is still bright outside. Seems like Summer is getting closer yet we need to turn on the heater today because it's a chilly day. Weird weather we're having these days. Last week, some days it really felt like summer as it went up to 36 degrees celcius. This week it has been cloudy and cold every day. Gosh, I really want Spring back.

I'm not looking forward much to Summer though after the heat we experienced last week. Well, only a little because of the Summer break.

Thank goodness it is Friday tomorrow. My favourite day of the week. :) Well, not that I don't have work to do on Saturday. Tutoring and important meeting with friends. Not to mention looking around for kids wagon - need to join with the current one we have with a turnbuckle or a chain for taking kids out on excursions.

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