Saturday, June 02, 2012


Finally another weekend. Work has been okay. We have a new music teacher coming over. She plays the guitar well that the kids really enjoys the music time - not that they didn't before. :) Made me feel like practicing on the guitar again.  I really wish we have 48 hours a day and our bodies would only require 4 hours of sleep to rest. Then there would be enough energy to learn everything and do everything. ( though I bet if we have 48 hours a day we'd be wishing for 72 hours :D )

It's June and in just a few weeks time many of the kids will be off for Summer vacation. Lucky ducks. We are still thinking of when we should go for a break and where to. Last year we spent most of our weeks in Szente. This year, maybe it's off to Balaton.

Before that Bonnie will be going for Swimming camp, which is next week, then another one last week at the kindergarten. The last week she will be called a kindergartener. Comes the new semester this September she will start first year primary school. Where did all the time go? Sure feel a little old right now thinking of her going to school already. 

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