Saturday, July 14, 2012

Easy, relaxing day.

The sun shine, and cool breeze. I love this sort of Summer. :) Started my day with house work. Later went down to the basement to get some books that I would like to read - something regarding child care. I started rearranging my things again - things to keep, things to store away, things to give away. Well, we need to do this kind of thing occasionally. :)

Brought down the guitar and tuned it. See whether I still remember how to strum the few chords I learnt. Brought up the soft toy stuffing from the basement too - thinking of making some amigurimis. :)

BZ will be back tomorrow after a bit more than weeks with grandma. Back for another 2 weeks and again be with grandma. I'm grateful for my mil. I must admit life is easier when I don't have to pick her up everyday after work, but I sure miss her. 

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