Wednesday, July 11, 2012

List of things

Friday is the last day of work for this month for me. I've already started on a list of things I would like to do around the house - from digging the basement for books I've been wanting to read to make some amigurumis. The list is enough to spend weeks only at home. Never mind if we don't go anywhere which I don't think would be the case here since Bonnie is with grandma in Balaton. So we may go and join them. Or we just hang out at the weekend house since we haven't been there for ages (oh no... tall grass to cut and more cleaning to do... and here I am thinking of relaxing)

In just a few weeks I got browner than I have ever been. I wish the kids would just sit under the shade or the gazebo in the garden instead of making me going after them under the sun. :) Perhaps I'd stay away from the sun a little too before I start work again. Yes, I still have the Asian mentality. I don't like to get brown. 

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