Thursday, August 23, 2012

A little free time

BZ is away at grandma's place again for a few days. (It's so good to have grandma's living nearby!) Last week I had to bring her to my workplace. She liked it but then it was a little difficult for me to work as she expected me to be with her all the time. (Well, of course if mommy can be with other kids why not be with her, right? That's her logic but I was there to work with the kids). We had done some of the shopping for her school items. But grandma and grandpa wanted to take her shopping for new school bag and a few other things.

 I try to keep up with my workout when she isn't at home. It feels good to have some time to do what ever you like without disturbance. Not that I lost much weight from all the workouts but I feel better. I'm quite into it these says that I got a few things - mat, gym ball and looking forward to get a Heart rate monitor, body fat checker, and perhaps a pair of compression stockings to protect muscles and tendons while working out.

Will be picking her up from her grandma's place this weekend before we go off to meet my cousin. :)

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