Sunday, August 05, 2012

Few more weeks to go.

Bonnie is still with grandma. Vacationing in Balaton with grandma's aunt there. Spoke to her on the phone last evening and she asked me whether I'd go there. "Please mommy, please come..." If only she knew how I wish I could go. :) But alas! I have to work. This daycare I work at is not closed because we have Summer camp. The next place I'll be working at will be closed in August at least.

We had our 2 weeks off which we spent at the weekend house. The place looked a lot cosier in the summer. then it is in colder seasons. All it needs is some barn wood furniture then it would look perfect as a weekend hangout. :) We needed to do some outdoor work over there, we wouldn't have the time to go back there and stay longer otherwise.

We might go down to Balaton for a bit if that is possible. :)

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