Monday, September 17, 2012

Diary keeping

I've been blogging for years now, would you have guessed that I also keep personal diaries? :) Yes I do. I've been writing in diaries since I was a teenager. Though a few of those diaries were destroyed - because I was too paranoid that someone would read all the embarrassing things I wrote in them. :P However, I'm glad there are few that were salvaged. 

Not that I write everyday mandatorily, but I do try to keep up every now and then. Once a day, once in two days, or even once a week, depending on how many pockets of free time I have. 

I also keep a little diary for Bonnie. I write a journal when I was pregnant and kept on writing in it for more than a year. After a long hiatus, I started writing back in it. About her daily activities with me, things she said, etc. I sometimes feel it silly, but I would like her to read all these and perhaps remember back. Or who knows... if it is fated of an unwanted early demise. It would be valuable for her or for me. I remember reading diary entries from the time when I was a teenager, when I mentioned my mother. Made me feel that she really existed in my life and every time I read them, I feel as if she is still around. They are really precious to me. 

Right now, I have Bonnie's journal, my daily journal and also a 'happy things' diary. Thinking of doing gratitude journal. But then again, perhaps the 'happy things' diary would be enough for that. 

Do you keep a daily diary?

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