Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Due to my job and BZ's school, I didn't have much time with my cousin when she was here a few weeks ago. She was here due to her job and she stayed over at our place a few days before she left for M'sia.

 Not only that we didn't have enough time, the pain in her foot didn't make it easier either. But I could take her around for a day at least.

Looking at some of the pictures we took that day really made me miss her. :(  Well, at least the few that I took with one camera - I haven't uploaded loads of pictures from the lumix for ages - if you really know how to speed up your computer unlike myself you wouldn't understand why I don't like to upload pictures from my camera's sd card to pc. :D My computer is kind of slow... And she'd been asking me for the pictures for weeks now. LOL

*sigh* I really do miss her.

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