Tuesday, October 30, 2012


I don't celebrate Halloween. In fact, most Hungarians do not celebrate it either. The only 'dress up' event they have for the kids is called 'Farsang' here which is sometime in Spring. Thanks to my cousin who brought a nice Punjabi suit when she came for a visit, Bonnie's Farsang costume issue is settled.:)

 Anyway, working in an International environment, I do get to have fun dressing up. :) We are having the celebration twice. Tomorrow, just for the staff, we plan to dress up as one of the colleagues (the person doesn't know). So tomorrow we will look more or less the same as him. :D I just wonder how he is going to 'take it'. Perhaps need to get a carton of discount ashton cigars ready just in case if he doesn't take to it too well? Hehehe... Well, he dress up interesting so that' why we thought of doing it. So he should be flattered, but then who knows. We shall see tomorrow.

 The next one, which is next week, will be with the kids, I just thought of borrowing Bonnie's cat ears. Be a black cat like she was for her last Farsang. :D

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