Friday, October 12, 2012

Her tastes.

Now that Summer has ended and Bonnie needs warmer clothes, it is time for another clothes haul.It always feel painful to think about having to spend money. hahahaha but then I'm quite sure I'll have fun choosing. Well, not really, I won't have much chance to choose now that Bonnie is a big girl (that's what she calls herself) she wants to choose her own clothes. She has certain tastes when it comes to clothes. For example, she loves continuous print like polka dots, and flower print. Or simply plain ones. Pictures ( no matter how cute ) or words printed on the front of the t-shirt is a no, no for her. Same goes with pants or skirts. I feel a little annoyed sometimes when I want to dress her up cute with Hello kitty designs or something along that line, she would totally refuse. Only polka dots or printed flowers or continuous heart print or just plain... oh... or something that look totally old (and in my view kind of ugly). But who am I to judge, not that I dress to kill all the time. :D All I can say is, at least she knows what she wants to wear. :)

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