Thursday, November 22, 2012

Ice skating weekends?

A couple of lady friends that I meet every few weeks suggested an activity that we should try out in order to meet a little bit more often. One of them suggested that since it's colder now we should try out ice skating every weekend. Me? Ice skating? I am still traumatized by the falls I had rollerblading.

It has been like 4-5 months now since I got the roller blades, but I only tried twice. The last time I practiced I couldn't get up the next day due to back pain. People called me crazy for not seeing a doctor since I still feel the pain especially when I walk downhill. To tell the truth I dislike going for check ups, hence the  reason  why it took me years to do an eye check. Honestly I can't help wondering after reading about minimally invasive spine surgery, whether there are such a thing as non-invasive body check up. :D

Anyway, the friends are waiting for my feedback about this, I'm 100% sure I would suggest that we do something else. I was hoping they would rather just learn to crochet. So we'd have a crochet club. Hehehe...

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