Monday, December 10, 2012

A little gift for myself.

I've had  the kindle for a few days now and I'm loving it.I've finally managed to finish reading 'Mansfield Park' and I am on the second book - Vampire Lestat. (I've got the Chronicle collection back in Malaysia and I just feel like re-reading them)

 I usually read classics using my phone or Ipod, but it feels a lot more comfortable to be reading on the kindle. It's simple and a basic reader. Some people asked,"Why didn't you buy a tablet or the Ipad mini instead? You can do more stuff" Do I really need a tablet when all I need is something to read ebooks with? Further, having an all-in-one device can be a distraction when you read in my opinion. Plus, I just love how the battery seems to last like forever. Well, not exactly forever, but for 4 weeks seems like forever compared to battery juice on tablets or the Ipad.

I bought it through Though I wanted the kindle touch at first, I was surprised that they actually discontinued it. Also they don't deliver the 'paperwhite' to Hungary. It's not because I can't buy a reader here, but it is a little cheaper (even including VAT + shipping) and I only had to wait like 3 days for it to get delivered to me. Of course people say, when you buy from local shops, if you have any probs it would be easier for you to send back. But with Amazon having a good reputation for their good customer service, I would give it a try. (As long as I don't have to deal with Hungarian customer service I think I'll take the risk :o) )

So that's it, this is my new "baby" which I will carry with me like I do my books. I usually carry a book or two in my bag whenever I go somewhere. Sure feels good to be carrying so many books in just one light device.

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