Monday, December 10, 2012

Exciting things

Sometime last week when I went to work in the morning I found that one of my indoor slippers was gone. At first I thought I might have misplaced it. (though it was unlikely but that was the only reason I could come up with) Until I saw a message stuck on kitchen floor. It was a riddle from Harry Potter. By that time I had a suspicion that the mystery of my missing slipper had to do with the message. Sure enough it was for me.

The riddle  directed me to the swimming pool. I had to work a little - I had to open the pool cover- and at the bottom of the pool I saw a bottle. I looked around for something to help me scoop it out. (No way I'd swim to get it - like in Harry Potter. I can't really swim in the first place) I saw a pool cleaning net leaning against a wall by the pool and used that. Once I got the bottle in my hands I saw there was another message. And this message directed me to 2  popular puppets of the school ( we have puppet shows every Monday). So I sought after these two puppets and once I found them, they had messages of their own - and candies :) . The messages then directed me back up to the kitchen and I found a pez dispenser in one of the kids' bowls and another message. This message was written in Hungarian and lucky for me it was a simple Hungarian riddle (Got to thank Bonnie for that since I used to read Hungarian riddles for her from her book) and I managed to solve the mystery. My slipper was under a table in the kitchen. It was right under my nose all the while. This little game was prepared by my secret santa. I thought it was really cool. Good thing I read Harry Potter. :D

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