Saturday, January 12, 2013

Blossoming artist.

BZ entered a drawing contest in school. She was in the year one group which consists of 3 classes. Not all the kids joined, including BZ there were 4 kids from her class I'm not sure about the other classes. A week or so before the day of the competition they were given the theme - "Forest". So she practiced drawing the forest for the whole week. The only tool they needed for the contest was a fine tip black pen and paper. Bonnie got second place for her age group. :) One of her drawings got displayed at the school corridor. (Though I forgot to snap a picture.. hehehe) Her grandpa is a professional artist so I guess some of the drawing talent must have rubbed off on her somewhat.

I'm proud and happy that she is good at drawing and passionate about it. (and I hope she will continue to be so for as long as she lives) Though I still would love to have her learn to play a music instrument. She isn't interested. But we will make her go for a lesson as soon as they allow music  classes at her school. They only give music lessons after the second year at this school. However they are already offering art classes starting next month which we already enrolled her in.

Music or drawing, as long as she grows up confident with herself, I am happy.

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