Thursday, January 10, 2013

First post of the year.

2012 came and 2012 left. It's now 2013. I'm glad the world didn't end on the 21st of December, 2012. :) Not that I believed it even. But I just can't help mentioning about it. :D Especially when we were bombarded by programs after programs on television about the Mayan prophecy the last few weeks of 2012.

 I enjoyed the 2 weeks holiday that I had for Christmas and the winter break. Now it is almost a week since we got back to work. First day was tough is all I can say. But I was glad to be back working. We have new kids to settle so the first few days was challenging. More challenging when there are 'weirdo' parents. I do feel like I'm 'weird' by Hungarian standards I think cause I feel awkward among the other parents since I don't understand much how they do things here in school nor do I understand much when they discuss things among themselves and ignored me most of the time. :D But after meeting this one parent this week at the work place... I feel normal.

 My computer crashed last week, but I managed to salvage it. Though I'm not sure how long it could hang on to dear life since the 'error' is still there according to the diagnostics report. I manage to save important files like the pictures etc. So hopefully I would be able to post the gingerbread cookies we made (though now all gone :) ) for Christmas.

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